A new class

of student accommodation

FOX 54 is a new student residence in Innsbruck which combines the best of two worlds – the benefits of your own apartment and the amenities of a student hall of residence.

FOX 54 is very different from other student accommodation – it’s a small and stylish private residence with a total of 19 apartments. Living in FOX 54 will feel like having your own apartment in the centre of Innsbruck – plus all the benefits of a student hall of residence!

FOX 54 offers the following benefits:

  • Numerous free services plus other special services that are rarely available in student accommodation (ski and snowboard locker, workbench, monthly cleaning, bike cellar etc.)
  • Spacious rooms/apartments with exclusive and practical fittings including designer furniture and in some cases a garden
  • Modern and elegant design meets tradition: an exclusive opportunity to live in a 100-year-old building with Innsbruck’s typical period flair, including high-ceilinged rooms
  • Excellent central location close to all the conveniences of daily student life (public transport, chemist, supermarket, bars etc.) as well as the hospital and the university

FOX 54

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