FOX 54 is situated in an outstanding location in the heart of Innsbruck, just five minutes’ walk away from most of the faculties and university buildings: the main university building, the GEIWI tower, University Hospital, Departments of Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmacy and the Training Centre West for Health Professionals (AZW).

With the handy connection to the C Line bus service, you can very quickly reach the city with its countless bars, shops and trendy meeting places. There you can connect to all the other bus and tram routes and the main station. The Nightliner service brings night-owls straight home.

There is a big supermarket very close to FOX 54. If you ever don’t feel like cooking for yourself, there’s a pizzeria in the next building (20 metres away). As a student, you can buy lunch cheaply in the cafeteria, which is also within walking distance.

You only need to walk round the corner for a cool beer or a cocktail. And for emergencies – or a sore head after a long night out – you’ll find a chemist’s very close by.

Nor is it far to get out into the countryside: Fox 54 is right beside the River Inn, with its many areas of parkland. Here you can study on the riverbank, relax, meet friends or just enjoy the sunshine. Innsbruck is also known for its many sporting activities such as hiking, skiing and biking.

Special features

FOX 54 stands out from ordinary apartment houses on account of its special additional services. The following additional services are available to all residents:

Plenty of storage space: There’s room for your bike in the special bike room in the basement which is easily accessed via the lift. You can also store your skis or snowboard safely here in the professional ski and snowboard locker in the basement.

Laundry room: In the mood for (or fed up with?) housework? You will find our washing and drying machines in the basement. Our machines are of an industrial standard so you can finish your laundry as fast as possible.

Design and architecture

O ne of the most impressive features of Fox 54 is the way it perfectly combines functional, modern design with the period feel of a traditional Innsbruck house. The building – which is over 100 years old – has been completely refurbished and adapted to meet the needs of today’s young student generation. The result is an extremely attractive apartment house with all the amenities that students need, combined with the luxury of having their own apartment.

T his grandiose building was built in the 19th century by the Guild of Tyrolean Carpenters and Joiners. It has been totally refurbished and brought right up-to-date, with the first apartments ready for occupation from September 2017.

The building is divided into residential units mainly on the upper floors and on the very top floor. On the ground floor you will find the garden flat and two 2-person apartments as well as access to the garden, basement and refuse room.

On each of the 1st to 3rd floors there are four 2-person apartments, while the attic space has been completely redeveloped to create eight single-occupancy apartments.

In the typical style of Innsbruck buildings from the Art Nouveau period, the rooms have ceilings up to 3.2 metres high. This very special ambience is further enhanced by the ornate casement windows and original panelled doors. The stunning rooms have a wonderfully comfortable feel to them.

The carefully thought-through interior design is in a simple style with a tranquil colour scheme in shades of grey, blue and black-and-white. It provides the perfect setting in which the occupants can concentrate on their work or on being creative and, above all, feel at home.

T he furnishings and design in all the rooms and apartments in FOX 54 have been cleverly thought out to offer both functionality and comfort in abundance.

The deliberately minimalist furnishings in an industrial style create a link between the historical features and the modern day. The rooms and landings have parquet floors made of bleached larch, while the walls and doors are painted white.

Another important feature of the expert design of FOX 54 is the lighting. The carefully selected lamps and light fittings not only have a wonderful effect on the atmosphere of the rooms, but also serve as design features.
Large coloured sections of wall and a rug divide the rooms and apartments into areas for working, living and sleeping. Dark blue floor-to-ceiling curtains emphasise the height of the rooms. The main feature in the rooms is the loft bed, easily accessed by steps. The steps also serve as shelves and lead to a semi-raised seating area.

Both the loft bed with its built-in wardrobe and the seating area offer lots of storage space. The loft bed means that the best use is made of the height of the room while plenty of space is left for you to arrange your own individual living area.

In the bathroom and toilet, the simple colour scheme of black, white and grey, combined with the modern fittings, creates a minimalist and yet warm feel-good zone. The metal features and surface-mounted washstand and radiator are reminiscent of the industrial age. A fitted cupboard provides space to stash away all your personal cosmetic articles and also conceals the essential technology.

E veryone will love cooking in this kitchen! Not just the brilliant design but, especially, all the fixtures and fittings are bound to bring out the hobby chef in you.

In this kitchen, traditional meets modern in the cleverest way: as a tribute to the age of the building, we have selected tiles with vintage designs on them, laid herringbone style on the walls.

Overall, the kitchen is perfectly suited to the flexible and spur-of-the-moment student lifestyle: there are two portable induction hobs so that you can increase the worktop area, making for even greater flexibility. The multipurpose furniture gives you the scope to create a cosy seating area. There’s plenty of room to have a relaxed chat while you cook and try out trendy recipes together. All tastes are catered for here; whether you’re a vegan, a slow-food junkie, an omnivore or a pasta freak, everyone will feel at home in this kitchen!

Further info?

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